Tumbling Program

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Class Overview

Classes offered at Spirit Professionals:

Tumbling Classes ages 7 and up

Kidz Classes ages 3 to 7

What to expect from our classes:
Our goal is to provide all our members with a safe and fun environment where they can reach their full potential. In order to provide feedback to our members and parents we have developed a skill evaluation system that ensures each member knows what skills they have mastered and the areas in need of improvement. Coaches will provide individual evaluations every six weeks of the calendar year. Members can change classes at anytime if their skills warrant.

What to expect for terms and fees:
We do not have terms and members can join at anytime! We bill on an open-ended monthly basis and use ABC Financial Services to handle its billing. First time members sign a membership agreement for the monthly class fee plus an annual $50 membership fee. The first payment that is due at registration is the $50 annual membership fee plus the first month class fee. Members will then be automatically billed on a monthly basis. If a member decides they would like to cancel a membership, the billing can simply be stopped by giving Spirit Professionals a 2 weeks written notice. Family Members receive a 10 percent discount.

ABC Financial Services offers three forms of payment.
ETF (electronic funds transfer from your checking account)
Credit Card

Call 1-985-345-4383 for questions