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Tumbling Classes

Spirit Professionals Tumbling Program


The tumbling program is for ages approximately 7 years and older. Members can join anytime! We bill on an open-ended, monthly basis. We have registration for classes every week. Registration and orientation is currently held every Friday at 5:00 for the Hammond location, and Wednesday at 6:00 for the Covington location. Check website for changes prior to coming.


Tumbling Classes:$50 annual registration fee. $60 per month for Level 1 & 2, $70per month for Level 3 and up. and . All tumbling classes have an approx 8 students-to-teacher ratio. Level 1 & 2c lasses are 1 Hour. Level 3 & 4 Classes are 1 hour and 15min.


Level 1:

This class helps to develop basic physical strength and flexibility for tumbling. General tumbling terminology and tumbling safety are stressed every class. The primary skills focused on are: jumps, handstands, backbends, cartwheels, roundoffs, walkovers, and standing back handsprings.


Level 2:

This is a continuation of Level 1, and progresses on with running tumbling and tucks. Also taught are more advanced jumps and combinations, and stronger weight-bearing skills.


Level 3:

This is a continuation of Level 2, with a focus on perfecting tucks, progressing through layouts, and beginning aerials.


Level 4:

This is a continuation of Level 3 to perfect layouts and aerials, and to introduce twisting.

Our goal is to provide all our members with a safe and fun environment where they can reach their full potential. In order to provide feedback to our members and parents, we have developed a skill evaluation system that ensures each member knows what skills they have mastered and the areas in need of improvement. Coaches will provide individual evaluations about every 12 weeks. Members can change classes anytime if their skills warrant.


*Tumbling program progression focuses on skill level, and not age.*