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Spirit Xplosion Cheerleaders Program Overview

Evaluation and team placement Information is located under the downloads tab.

Spirit Xplosion - Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a safe and state of the art training environment that enables all members the possibility of reaching their highest potential while never compromising our values. Our focus is to build champions in the sport of competitive cheerleading and in life by fostering the values of teamwork, self-confidence, a competitive spirit, leadership, respect for others, fair play, good sportsmanship, humility, integrity, self-discipline and strong personal character.

Our training philosophy is that our greatest potential for success will come by not focusing on the end result of winning, but rather by focusing on the daily process of hard work and dedication to all our values. We measure success not only by victories at competitions but also by the personal character our members build and demonstrate on a daily basis.

Cheer Basics Class: No tryouts required – We offer a Fall and Spring session.  We also have cheerleading themed summer camps. Check under the downloads tab for registration details.

This program is for members that are not interested in joining a team. These classes are normally 12-16 week sessions that teach the basic fundamentals of cheerleading and are good for skill development. Approximately $260 per session (or 65 per month).

Cheerleading Team Programs
Spirit Professionals has three cheerleading programs to try to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to participate in this fun and exciting industry. Teams are 10 or 11 months in duration.

Non Competitive Novice teams No tryouts required but need to be evaluated for proper level placement.
The exhibition team program is a great opportunity for potential members that do not have the time, financial resources or have not yet developed the skills to be on a competitive team. Potential members may be asked to be on an exhibition team if we have space and time available in the gym. This will be determined during the try-out process. Exhibition teams are also taught routines and skills, but only perform rather than compete at competitions. Team members are still expected to adhere to our mission statement and training philosophy with the exception of the competitive aspect.

All Star Prep Teams- No tryouts required but need to be evaluated for proper level placement.

The All-Star Prep Program is a great introduction for your athlete into the sport of all star competitive cheer.  It offers a reduced cost and reduced time commitment from the traditional All-Star Cheer Program. It is a great way for athletes to learn new skills, develop a sense of what it means to work together as a team for a common goal, and to develop a sense of pride and sportsmanship while making life-long friendships.The All-Star Prep Cheer teams are taught a competition routine that has elements of tumbling, stunting, jumping, and dance skills set to music. Routines are 2 minutes in length. Athletes will perform at 3 competitions.

Competitive teams
Members are taught routines which they perform at various competitions against other cheerleading squads. Members must range from 4 through 19 years of age as of August 31st of the competition year.


Tryout process
The tryout process is used to evaluate the skill level of potential members. After all potential members have been evaluated, members will be placed on teams and programs based on ability and/or age as of August 31st of the competition year.  All skill levels are encouraged to tryout. Members are selected to give each team the best chance of winning in their skill level based on: cheer motions, dance ability, jumps, tumbling, athletic ability, level of commitment, and attitude. Potential members that only want to be considered for the exhibition program will be able to elect this option during the tryout process.