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Spirit Xplosion All Star Evaluations and Tryouts!


Tryout attire is: tennis shoes, shorts, t-shirt, bloomers (or some type of biker shorts or boy cut briefs under shorts). Visit the forms page for more program info and fees

Admission to the clinic is $10 per student.

No tryouts required  for Novice and Prep teams. Members only need to be evaluated for proper level placement. See times and more info under downloads tab.

 Tumbling Skills for Each Level

NOVICE AND PREP Teams (4years &up): No prior experience needed! Come as you are!

Level 1: Cartwheel, Round off, Backbend Kickover, Back Walkover, Front Walkover, Toe Touch Forward Roll, Multiple Back walkovers

Level 2: Roundoff, Frontwalkover, Standing Backhandspring, T- Jump Backhandspring, Roundoff Backhandsprings, Back walkover Backhandspring

Level 3: Multiple Standing Backhandsprings, ToeTouch Backhandspring, Front Walkover, Front Punch, Roundoff Tuck, Roundoff Multiple Backhandsprings,

Level 4: Standing Tuck, Toetouch Tuck, Backhandspring Back Tuck, Layout, Front Punch, Front Punch Step Out, Roundoff Backhandspring Layout, Toe Touch Handspring Tuck

Level 5: Standing Tuck, Front Punch Step Out, Full, Roundoff Backhandspring Full, Toe Touch Tuck, Arabian