If you like the TV show American Ninja Warrior this is the class for you! Come try out some of American Ninja Warriors most iconic obstacles like the warped wall and much more!  You can even race your friends on the course!

Our Ninja Warrior program is fun and focuses on the improvement and mastery of safety, strength, speed, agility, and the overcoming of "challenge" obstacles.

Classes are designed to continually develop the above mentioned skills each week as the student develops and builds upon discipline, coordination, and flexibility.

Our program offers 4 levels which are: Tiny Ninjas (Ages 4-6), Beginner ( Ages 5-6/7-11), Intermediate ( Ages 7-11), Advanced ( Ages 7-11/12-14).  We require any introductory 4 year old to attend a one-time, one-hour evaluation class.

The 4 year old EVC (Evaluation Class) is a one-time class for 4year olds that evaluates whether the child has interest, ability and any underlying skills necessary that would safely propel them into the Tiny Ninja class.  This is designed to help both parents and staff evaluate the safety aspect of the child and for others involved.

The Tiny Ninjas (Ages 4-6) and Beginner (7-11) classes focus on safety, basic movements, understanding of the course/obstacles as well as the skills and techniques needed to advance to the Intermediate class.

The Intermediate class (Ages 7-11) must have met certain strength, agility, and speed criteria.  They must have demonstrated thorough testing the knowledge of the skills, steps, and performance of the obstacle course itself. Emphasis is placed on the necessary techniques to achieve mastery of each "challenge."

Although the Advanced level is mostly reserved for (Ages 12 and up), if an Intermediate student has tested and shown competency in the course they can then be placed within this class.  All Advanced class students have mastered all "challenges", completes the course in the required time, met the flexibility, strength/agility requirements needed to be considered a Ninja Warrior!

 Members can join late and tuition will be prorated based on start date. No refunds after 1st class.

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